Biko (Glutinous Rice Cake)

I have always loved eating biko, unfortunately, the ones available in the market are either bland in taste or are too sweet. You can’t imagine the happiness I felt when my cousin’s helper made biko one dreary afternoon and it was just perfect. I have her to thank for this recipe.



1/2 kilo  good quality malagkit (glutinous rice) grains

1-1/2 cup coconut milk

1 cup brown sugar



1. Pour malagkit grains into a rice cooker or casserole.

2. Wash the grains and add water just enough to cover the grains. Here’s a little tip, you can measure the 1/2 kilo malagkit grains and add one cup more water. For example, you measured 3 cups of the grains then place 4 cups of water.

3. Proceed to cook just like steamed rice.

4. Set aside and prepare the latik.

5. In a wok, pour the coconut milk.

6. Cook over medium heat until the coconut oil is extracted and toasted bits are obtained.


7. Remove half of the toasted bits from the wok.

8. Add the cooked malagkit in the remaining coconut oil and toasted bits in the wok.

9. Add the sugar.

10. Mix over very low heat until the cooked malagkit, coconut oil, toasted bits, and sugar are well incorporated. Remove from heat.

11. Transfer into greased plates and allow to cool. For a more Pinoy look, transfer the cooked mixture onto a “bilao” lined with banana leaves.



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